John Parsneau

Web Architect

What is a Web Architect?

A web architect extends the role of web developer to the business layer. The integration of business goals with technology is fundamental to my process.

  • Focus on "why" rather than "how"

  • As a result, my solutions tend to be aligned with the direction of the organization.
  • Formal training

  • Web architecture goes beyond programming, adding business analysis and project management components to the profession.
  • My Zone

  • The Web is a big place: no one knows it all. The key is leveraging the strengths of everyone on the team.
  • I specialize in building custom interactive solutions with short time lines and low development overhead.
  • How can I help your organization?

  • I make solid decisions about which technologies are appropriate for the project. I can make sure the ball gets rolling in the right direction.
  • I know where I fit into the ecosystem. That makes me competitive.

    $challenge = 'business';
    function webArchitect('name') {
    return $businessResults;
    $solution = webArchitect('John Parsneau');

Experience Matters

I Have it

I run a small business. I've been building functional websites to achieve business goals for over 16 years.


John has provided design work for us several times and the results have always been excellent. We have also collaborated on other projects. John is very personable, is easy to work with and has great integrity. He goes beyond what is required to insure customer satisfaction and brings a great deal of creative energy and knowledge to the project. My highest recommendation.

Dale Sopel, Owner, Coastal Data Management

Before hiring John, the University of Wisconsin System was in dire need of web presence fitting of a major university system. In a business analyst-like role, John elicited from stakeholders their web needs. He came up with a design and implemented it. Besides his technical acumen and creativity, John also impressed with his ability to work with top management. I'd hire him in an instant.

Brian Hutchinson, Manager, Spend Analytics, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Outstanding in every respect! I have worked for John and Webgrinders as a contractor on multiple projects. Every interaction I have had with him has been very positive. He runs a well organized, highly professional operation and it is always a pleasure to do business with them. John stands out from others I have worked with in that he clearly identified the deliverables and timelines at that start of each project and was always available when I needed additional information to complete a job. I cannot recommend him enough as a potential employer or business partner. I am also familiar with some of the impressive work Webgrinders has done for their clients and highly recommend John and Webgrinders for your next media or marketing project.

Kevin Pickering, Owner, Soular Pizza Grill


Capella University

B.S., Information Technology - Software Architecture


Cum Laude


Notable Clients

Postal Annex

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UW System

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Organic Valley

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Annex Brands

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DHL Package Tracking Module:

Tech: Drupal, PHP, XML, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Added DHL package tracking to my custom Drupal package tracker module. Now customers can track DHL, UPS, USPS and FedEx all without leaving the branded site.


Responsive Website:

Tech: Drupal, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Responsive Drupal theme for, eliminating the need for a separate mobile site.


Goal Conversions/Customer Engagement:

Tech: Drupal, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Improved conversions through the use of smart form routing logic to send the customer request to the nearest physical location for follow-up service.


Customer Retention:

Tech: Drupal, PHP, JavaScript

Integrate the PostalAnnex backend shipping label and e-mail confirmation system with my Drupal package tracking module. The shipping labels and e-mails customers receive from the stores contain a link to track the package within the PostalAnnex site and it autofills the tracking number for the customer.


Responsive Website:

Tech: Drupal, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Responsive Drupal theme for, eliminating the need for a separate mobile site.


Package Tracking Module:

Tech: FedEx API, Drupal, PHP, JavaScript, XML

Custom Drupal module to implement the FedEx, UPS and USPS APIs all under a single user interface. Drupal module is portable and was also used on


e-commerce/EDI Integration:

La Crosse Technology Store

Tech: EDI, SOAP, Magento

Custom Magento e-commerce implementation with EDI integration into the enterprise backend for order fulfillment, shipping label printing and accounting.


First Responsive Design


Tech: Skeleton Framework

We begin our journey into custom responsive design with the launch of, built on the Skeleton CSS framework.


Web Services

La Crosse Technology

Tech: PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Web services using Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) to automate the integration of website customer support forms with enterprise backend Customer Relationship Management(CRM) system.

Eliminated e-mails and manual case entry to improve response times and customer outcomes.


University of Wisconsin System

Tech: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Redesign of, the flagship website for the University of Wisconsin.

Transition from printed administrative documents to a paperless workflow, saving $30,000.00 annually.


Graphing Calculator App

Client: Onalaska High School Math Department

Tech: Turbo Pascal

Returned to high school computer department, built graphing calculator app to use as a teaching aid.



Tech: Modula-2

I completed my high school's computer science courses by the end of my sophomore year, but I still had so many questions. I had to look to higher education for the answers.

I was able to commute to the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse to earn college credit.

We worked in a UNIX environment, and for me this was a game-changer.


Hello World!


Tech: Apple BASIC

First coding project: the ubiquitous "Hello World".

I was hooked.